Cookie Information

So, what is a cookie? Wikipedia can explain it better than I can: But if you want to skip the in depth content - it's basically a small piece of information stored by your browser which Tournr uses to do things like remember you have logged in.

Tournr Cookies

OK - what cookies does Tournr use? Well at the moment it creates 2 cookies of it's own, the first is an allow cookies cookie to indicate whether you are happy with cookies being used or not (ironic eh?) and the second is a login cookie, so if you say 'Remember Me' on logging in, the site can remember you.

If you decline the cookie notification, the site will still work, but all the below cookies will not be set.

Other Cookies Social

Tournr allows you to tweet a competition to Twitter, and to send a post to Facebook, both of these sites will create their own cookie if you click on the 'share' buttons.

Other Cookies Analytics

Tournr tracks browser type etc and sticks it into Microsoft's Windows Azure tracking system, we do this so we can see who is using the site and allows us to tailor towards you guys. For example if 90% of people are attempting to get to Tournr using Internet Explorer 6, then we'll need to make sure IE6 users can see the site properly.