Tournr does collect some information in the running of the system, and this page should let you know what and why!

To see information pertaining specifically to GDPR - please go to the GDPR page.

What is collected

Email Address - This is the only piece of information Tournr explicitly requires. Tournr needs this to ensure you exist and allows Tournr to help you reset passwords, receive notifications from organisers. This is never made public, aside from you, only an Organiser (of a competition you are participating in) can see your email address and only if you have explicitly allowed them to.

Other contact details - If you fill this in the only people who can see it are the Organisers of a competition (again, only if they ask and you allow) that you are participating in. Tournr doesn't collect this information by default. You are in full control of this data, can change or delete it at will (all from the Me page).


Please see the dedicated Cookie page for more information, but Tournr does use cookies for logging in and if you disable cookies the only thing that won't work is the ability to 'Remember' your login (and the tweet / like buttons will not work).

All your data

You can view all your data at the Me page, where you can also delete your account and all associated data.