2016 Surf Kayak Classic, Putsborough


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9th of July 2016 to the 10th of July 2016 at 08:00 AM - Last date for registration is the 6th of July 2016


Putsborough, North Devon


You are invited to Putsborough beach and Billy Budds in Croyde, for the summer surf competition, social and Heritage Classic.

Entries are in advance only, by 6 July latest. 2 classes maximum. If one class is 5 people or less and a straight final, we will try to feed it into the Open class as well. Entries open now. (Reserve date is 16/17 July).

Heats and a provisional running order will be posted as attachments here shortly before the contest.

Is the event on? We will check surf conditions during the week before the event, and confirm on this website if the event is on or if it needs to be postponed to a reserve date. We will do this on the Tuesday or Wednesday if conditions are easily predicted, or by Thursday evening at the latest.

Saturday – ESK ranking event Bring your BCU / WCA / bwsa card or buy temporary competition membership in advance. Every competitor must have third party liability insurance for taking part in the competition. Either: 1. Show your current British Canoeing/WCA/BWSA membership card at check in; or 2. Pay online for single event membership; or £10 cash on the day.

Complete check-in at the start of the day, and we'll confirm you for your free evening meal. Please help us get the event started on time by making check-in quick and easy. Kayaks Register from 8am to 8.25am. First heat 8.40am. Ski registration is at 11am, for an afternoon start.

We aim to complete the main ranking contest on the Saturday. It depends on numbers entered and surf conditions – so it may run over to the Sunday.

Judging and running to time We aim to have the event judged for you by an independent team on the day so you can enjoy your surfing and day at the beach. If we need help to run things smoothly, we may ask competitors to help for a short time each.
It is your responsibility to know when your Heat is on, and things do change on the day sometime - please keep an eye on the Heatlists and results board. Please help us keep moving things along, so everyone enjoys the day - thank you.

Prizegiving will be at the beach at the end of the day.

Saturday evening A meal at Croyde's best venue Billy Budds is included in the entry fee for competitors. Additional meal vouchers for non-competitors are on sale with entries.

Heritage Surf Classic Meet 9.45am Sunday, for a 10.15 photo on the beach and 10.45am start in the water. Bring surf and kayak gear from days gone by, from your garage or garden, or found through ebay. We’re aiming for a fun and social meet and comp, with some classic old kit and classic (new or old) people! Any other events for Sunday will be announced on Saturday evening.

Venue, Camping and Overnight There are toilets and a cafe at the beach. There is no camping at Putsborough Sands, but camper vans can park up, charges are shown on www.putsborough.com/camping.asp There are several campsites around Croyde – search or see tourist information.

Enquiries: chiverssteve@aol.com and john@skernlodge.co.uk for entries.

Many thanks to our sponsors and supporters Thanks to the friends and companies supporting the event by making it happen and providing prizes:

Putsborough for allowing us to hold the contest on their beautiful beach - www.putsborough.com

Chris Skardon and www.tournr.com for his website and system which manages the entries.

Luis Pedro at www.kayaksurf.net/news.html as our media partner . www.surfkayakskills.com and www.skernlodge.co.uk for managing info and the contest on the day

Palm equipment for prizes - www.palmequipmenteurope.com

Desperate Measures for prizes - www.desperate-measures.co.uk

And special thanks to Steve Chivers, our host for the day and at Billy Budds - www.thethatchcroyde.com .

If you are able to join our sponsors by donating prize(s), all offers will be gratefully received - please get in touch with Steve.

Newcomers and Regulars Here’s a summary of how it all works. Please ask if we can help on the day.

Each Heat has between 3 and 5 paddlers, each wearing different coloured bibs.

Each Heat lasts a set time (probably 12 minutes, we’ll announce it at the start of the day).

Judges watch each heat and score each competitor’s waves.

You can catch 10 waves maximum. Your best two waves added together count for your result.

Normal surf etiquette applies – no dropping in, swimmers at the beach have priority etc.

Red flag displayed – we are between heats

Green flag – the Heat is on

Yellow flag – 5 mins to go in this Heat; paddlers in next Heat paddle out (but not catch waves).

Red flag – Heat finished, paddlers come in. Paddlers in the next Heat watch for green flag. (If the Red flag is displayed crossed during a heat – competition stopped to sort out a problem).

Results are displayed at a central location. Find out when you’re on next. The heat order and times sometimes change so check every now and again.

Enjoy your surfing and the good company on and off the water.


Puts2016-ShortboatAndSkiHeats.pdf (29.62 Kb)

Short boat and Waveski heatlists and running order

Puts2016-Longboat.pdf (13.82 Kb)

Long boat heats

Terms and Conditions of Entry

  1. Surf kayaking has some inherent risks and I accept these before taking part. This is a summer holiday event - I agree swimmers in the water always have priority.
  2. I will show my British Canoeing/WCA/BWSA membership card at registration, to prove third party liability insurance. Or I am buying temporary membership with my entry.
  3. I will participate and make decisions on the day suited to my ability and surf conditions, and with the safety of myself and others in mind. I will accept decisions the organisers make in the interests of safety and the event as a whole.
  4. Helmets to be worn by all competitors. Kayak will have airbags or equivalent and end tapes to wska rules. Kayakers will wear a BS 50N personal flotation device

Payment Details

Registration for this competition has now passed.

Organisers Contact



Heritage Classic

Roll of Honour for Heritage Class Acts

Roll of Honour for Heritage Class Acts



Position Name
1 Long Jim Silver Ottaway - built for speed
1 Steve Petherick - discerning paddler of prime occasions exclusively
1 Denzil on Perfect Ply
1 Expedition Leader Cheesey, on, under and all around his Ski
1 Glen "Ripping the Raider" Scott
1 Rich Berry and Emu, riding their Zappa bareback

Open, short boat (HP Surf Kayak)


Position Name
1 WATSON, Philip
2 SCOTT, Glen
5 BERRY, richard
7 MADDOCK, Robert
9 WILDMAN, Andrew
9 LONG, Edward
12 PEARCE, Denzil
13 SALMON, Harry
14 CLARKE, Archie
15 ROSSITER, Nathan
15 WOODS, John

Open, long boat (IC Surf Kayak)


Position Name
3 WATSON, Philip
5 PEARCE, Denzil
5 LONG, Edward
7 MADDOCK, Robert
9 JONES, Huw
10 MUNCER, Darcy
11 ROSSITER, Nathan
12 SALMON, Harry
13 CLARKE, Archie

Juniors, short boat (HP Surf Kayak)

If 5 or less entries, we will include in Open, short boat

If 5 or less entries, we will include in Open, short boat



Terms and Conditions

Age 18 or under on 31st December 2016

Position Name
1 SALMON, Harry
2 CLARKE, Archie
3 ROSSITER, Nathan

Junior, long boat (IC Surf Kayak)

If 5 or less entries, we will include in Open, long boat

If 5 or less entries, we will include in Open, long boat



Terms and Conditions

Age 18 or under on 31st December 2016

Position Name
1 ROSSITER, Nathan
2 CLARKE, Archie
3 SALMON, Harry

Masters, long boat (IC Surf Kayak)


Terms and Conditions

Aged over 40 on 1st January 2016

Position Name
1 JONES, Huw
2 MUNCER, Darcy

Masters, short boat (HP Surf Kayak)

If 5 or less entries, we will include in Open, short boat

If 5 or less entries, we will include in Open, short boat



Terms and Conditions

Age 40 or over on 1st January 2016

Position Name
1 MATTOCK , Steve
2 BERRY, richard
3 WILDMAN, Andrew
4 CLARKE, Roger
5 JONES, Huw
6 WOODS, John
7 MUNCER, Darcy

Waveski (Wave Ski)


Position Name
1 CHIVERS, Steve
2 DAVIES, Kieron